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We are excited to announce that we are now mobile! Our Telehealth Mobile Clinic on wheels will allow patients at all Company facilities to be seen. A schedule of the clinic times and locations will be posted at each facility

The current Telehealth Clinic has operated at Langboard MDF in Willacoochee since July 2019 and is a partnership between The Langdale Company, Miller County Hospital, Chancy Drugs, Clinch Memorial Hospital, and the Global Partnership for Telehealth (GPT).

The clinic is staffed by Jennifer Griffin (TLC Benefit Solutions), Sonny Walker, RN (Employee Health Advocate) a phlebotomist from Clinch Memorial Hospital to provide lab services and a physician or a Nurse Practitioner from Miller County Hospital.

The clinic is available to employees covered by the Company’s Health Plan whether they have a primary care physician or not.

How Does It Work?

The employee may request an appointment by contacting Jennifer Griffin at TLC Benefit Solutions 229-249-0940. Registration paperwork and consent forms will be sent to the employee to complete prior to their first appointment.

An RN will take the patient’s vital signs, review patient symptoms, and then the patient is seen via computer by a Miller County Hospital provider.

The clinic telemedicine equipment is supplied by GPT. The 3M Littman electronic Bluetooth enabled stethoscope allows the physician to hear the patient’s heartbeat in real time. The Horus Scope captures a digital photograph or video of the ear or skin abnormality and provides measurements to track change in size. An EKG machine is available for use as well.

Labs are drawn by a phlebotomist from Clinch Memorial Hospital staff on site at no cost to the employee. Lab results are uploaded to Miller County Hospital’s system and may be forwarded to the employee’s primary care physician upon patient request.

COVID-19 Protocol

Safety procedures below have been implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic as outlined below:

  1. Clinic visits will be by appointment only. No walk-ins visits will be allowed.
  2. Patients complete a COVID-19 Screening form the day prior to their appointment. The patients must notify clinic staff immediately if they develop symptoms listed in the Screening Form.
  3. If a patient has COVID-19 symptoms, they must use the Miller County app to schedule a visit via smart phone. Clinic staff will assist in scheduling an appointment via the app.
  4. If the patient does not have current symptoms, they must arrive at the clinic 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.
  5. Upon arrival all patients must sanitize their hands, wear a mask (provided by clinic), and have their temperature taken.

Please contact Stacy Weaver, Sonny Walker at 229-300-3148 or Jennifer Griffin at 229-249-0940 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.

Why Telehealth is Important to Employees

FiveStar Telehealth Clinic Logo

COVID-19 Screening Form

Download the FIVESTAR Telehealth Clinic COVID-19 Screening Form.

New Patient Packet

Download the New Patient Packet.

FiveStar Telehealth Clinic Staff Photo

The FiveStar Telehealth Clinic currently located at Langboard MDF. Pictured: Stacy Weaver (MDF), Sonny Walker, RN & Employee Health Advocate (TLC Benefit Solutions), Jennifer Griffin (TLC Benefit Solutions) and Marsha Nelson, Lab Tech (Clinch Memorial Hospital). On computer monitor: Miller County Hospital staff Dr. Roy Reardon with Nurse Practitioners.

FiveStar Telehealth Clinic Equipment Photo

The Horus Scope and electronic Bluetooth enabled stethoscope.