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What Do I Actually Owe?

Pay only what you owe! ELAP's mission is to ensure your medical bills are fair and within your health plan's allowable limits. We're your committed advocate and your health plan's affordability partner. We're also health plan members just like you and recognize it's not always obvious what you should pay.

How do you know what your member responsibility is when you've been overcharged? If you receive a balance bill, check your most recent Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to confirm the member responsibility.

Co-pay + Deductible + Co-insurance = Member Responsibility

Co-pay*: The amount you pay for medical visits at the time of your visit.

Deductible*: The amount you pay out-of-pocket for medical coverage before your health plan starts to pay.

Co-insurance*: The percentage you and your employer pay for the cost of covered medical services after you meet your deductible.

* Where Applicable

This is the amount you should pay to the provider, and it is usually found at the bottom of your EOB. Look for these key words:

  • "Patient's Responsibility"
  • "You May Owe"
  • "Total Due to the Provider"

If you aren't sure what you owe, please contact ELAP Member Services at 1-800-977-7381 and we'll help you pay just your fair share.

TIP: When making any payments, include the date of service or provider account number in the memo field of your check to make sure that the provider attributes your payment correctly.

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